Afritech Investment

Project Finance

Companies financed include:
  • Aurora Pathfinder
  • Multicadre Limited
  • Jebstar
  • Team Nig. Limited
  • Peakant
  • Panat Nigeria Limited
  • Lahmah Universal Concept
  • Habas Integrated Concept
  • Mabson Salee Ventures
  • Fs Day Resources
  • Matrax Limited
  • Optimist Ventures
  • Moragoff Arrow Limited
  • Incserv Nigeria Limited
  • Triple Vision Limited
  • Tebold
  • Integrated Port Automated System
  • Norden Global

Equipment/Commodity Financing/Leasing

Globally, equipment and commodity financing or leasing is common practice. This has become rampant because of the economic problem of limited resources amidst limitless want. Afritech has developed a localized and customized system where individuals and organizations are supplied with required commodities and equipment at cost price but to pay installment over a period of agreed time.

The following are some of the equipment or commodities we finance or lease

  • Computers/Laptops and accessories
  • Phones & Accessories
  • Motorcycles & Tricycles
  • Household equipments & Electronics
  • Foodstuffs & Associated Products